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Passed AKC Inspection June 2010    100%

Violet M Beautiful pups! This is Ghost, (15 months old and 110 lbs) son of Snowy and Klondike. He is the best dog, so smart and sweet. He also is very good at guarding the house. Highly recommend Tipi S Ranch. Perfect pups!! ๐Ÿ’œ


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Lesliesun, sep 13, 2015 at 6:29 PM


Hello Patty, Torri & Scarlett,

Thank you so much for such an amazing, beautiful puppy! He arrived at the airport in perfect condition where he was greeted by me, my husband, and our three children (Tori 21, Rich 19, and Danny 14). I can't tell you how excited we all were. I expected the first night would be a long night of Peter crying so I braised myself for a sleepless night. I put him in his crate at 11 :30pm and he slept until 6:30 am.

House breaking him has been nonexistent. He lets us know when he needs to go outside. He is so smart. He sits, gives his paw and lays down on command. Did I tell you how gorgeous he is? He is beautiful and LARGE (101). We took him to the Vet the day we got him from the airport and he weighed 13.5 lbs. and was in perfect health. On August 28th he went back to the vet for some shots and he weighed 23 lbs. He is growing at such a rapid pace. Next visit is September 28th at which time he will get his rabbis vaccine and we can begin to take him to parks where there are other dogs for him to play with.

I would love to see some baby pics of him. Thank you again for such a beautiful amazing animal. We absolutely love him. By the way, glad to see his brother Blake was adopted. My husband who wasn't keen on getting a puppy wanted to adopt him as well. Oh, one more important thing  Peter is now known as "Leonidas".

Best Regards,


Christie C. These are great dogs. We have two males from two different litters and they are wonderful! 10/12/17

                        The boys! 11 months old! Such sweeties!

Diana G. My son bought a male from their litter in 2015 and they make beautiful, smart, wonderful pups!!   August 5 at 3:47pm

Violet M.I have one of their white pups "Ghost" who now weighs 105 pounds! He is the best dog ever! So smart, huge and handsome! Klondike and Snowy have the best pups!
MessageJuly 21 at 5:19pm  Thanks Violet !

8-2014 sean Callahan MSG:Zeus is doing well, his recent check up he weighs 40lbs. I have received a lot of compliments on him. I have to say he is one of the smartest dogs I have owned. And he loves taking rides in my truck. I will send you a better picture later on.

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JJ Watt, 5 month old black and cream male from Klondike and Anna litter. He's such a good boy!!



I can't tell you how much we LOVE this dog!! Thanks so much for providing such quality, beautiful shepherds! Leigh

Rebbecas Shiska 2.bmp

-----Original Message----- From: rebecca rogers To: torri <>Sent: Fri, Feb 4, 2011 7:40 pm Subject: Re: I got my first German shepherd from Tipi S Ranch in 2006, a solid black sweet heart of a shepherd. I had sworn I would never own a German shepherd, because as a child I was held against my will by a friends German shepherd when I went to take care of him, but excellent breeding and an even more excellent Dog has changed my heart. I will never have another breed of dog again. My German shepherd Shiksa is the most wonderful dog I have ever known. Not only is she a good obedient dog, but she is great with my kids to. My 4 year old son can lay on top of her and roll all over her and she will just lay there like a big teddy bear. Yet, she will also protect them and us fiercly if necessary. She is so wonderful infact I have gone back 2 more times to get another German shepherd. Savannah a beautiful black and cream who is an excellent guard dog and also great with my kids. Savannah came to join our family in 2009 and we love her to death. Then we got Lady Leyla just last year in 2010, she is a big sweet heart also another solid black, but we have to be very careful with her, she will lick us to death if we let her lol. She gets along great with everyone.


photo (1).JPG

He has grown up. A pup from a past litter.




 ----Original Message----- From: Becky  To: torrintexas  Sent: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 9:40 pm   Subject: Our dog Emma

Torri, I wanted to thank you for our amazing dog Emma. When we came to look at the German Shepard puppies in April, it was hard to choose just one. Between my husband, myself and our 3 kids, we all had our eye set on a different cute one. Finally we decided on our new addition to our family. It's been almost a year since we brought Emma home and she truly is a joy to us all. She's gotten so big and absolutely beautiful. She's the friendliest dog and so happy and playful. She's great with our car too. I was just telling my 8 year old daughter how it looks like she always has a smile on her face. I love the days that I bring her along with me for a ride in the car. Everyone looks at her and I love seeing how Emma seems to bring a smile to other peoples faces. I will continue to update you with pictures. Take care, The Davis Family Sent from my iPod

Rascal & Mischief     We apologize for not getting back to you like we usually do.  A couple of years ago we bought 2 beautiful German Shepherds from you, and named them rascal and mischief.  We now have an addition to our family...our baby girl Liliana.  Rascal and Mischief are so good around her, she loves Mischief the most.  Our family started with the puppies you gave us, and its been wonderful ever since.  I remember not being able to choose which puppy I wanted so we took both.  Thank you so much for these dogs.  They are perfect family dogs. We live in wisconsin now, and they love their new backyard.  Its about 1 1/2 acres, with an invisible fence.  When Liliana was born, they slept by her crib, and walked next to us all the time whenever we held her.  These dogs are angels.  We thank you for giving them to us.  I also attached some pictures for you of all of the girls in our family.  I hope you like them. My favorite is the one where rascal was licking her face during a football game, we had her in a packers cheerleading outfit.    With Love, The Schulz Family


Hi, everyone!! Attached is a photo of Cocoa all grown up! Isn't she just beautiful? I thought she might look a lot like Princeton?!? What do you think? Cocoa is definitely an Adventure Dog, loves car trips and our main highway! She has a lot of personality, very friendly and playful, and enjoys her days with Jordan, belgian malinois, as partners in crime...(just kidding!).   Hope you have had a good summer! Best, Susanne


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John Strawn reviewed TiPi S Ranch's German Shepherds โ€”

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December 10 at 4:46pm

We picked out Red Bone 21 months ago! He has the size and shape of his Daddy, Klondike! He is a great Family Member!

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